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Indian universities and the professional institutes use FireEYE for speedy and accurate descriptive answer booklet processing

"We appreciate the service level that we've experienced from TRS Forms & Services Pvt. Ltd. Implementing revolutionary process of Automatic Dummy Numbering System turned up as a Valuable resource to our Institution. TRS took the extra effort to ensure entire post examination process within 20-25 days, which was used to take around six months in general. ICR and OMR technology is a quality solution that not only vastly improved the post examination process, but also provided data reliability. Our Institution values them as a trusted vendor."
- Vice Chancellor of a large University based in South India

The Background
Each year across India, young people in huge masses graduate from around 600 universities. Some of the universities and institutes are rather small and have only one faculty or specialty, but many are much larger with a volume of 1,00,000 students and much more in some cases. Each student takes several graduate exams, so it's easy to imagine that the number of answer booklets is enormous.

In order to unify the evaluation system and to make process error free, the educational institutions worked out special forms, although the scale was still quite broad. Manual coding and decoding of the exam forms took many months. Obviously the process badly needed automation.

The Challenge
TRS Forms & Services (P) Ltd - the company catering to the needs of various government and private institution in the field of data capturing and imaging activities for more than a decade - took the initiative to automate the result processing in universities and professional institutes by introduction both hardware and software solutions into the process.

The main crux of the problem in all these universities and institutes is the volume of processing. For example, a south India based client checks 1.5 million booklets for every semester exam, in another client the numbers are 5 million booklets per exam, other clients including some of the leading professional examination bodies had similarly large volume. Before introducing this automation, the exam forms were processed manually and it took enormous number of man-days to check up and publish the results.

To create a solution fitting the above-mentioned requirements, TRS team based the system on their patent registered, specially designed FireEYE scanners (automatic dummy number scanners) and OMR and ICR technologies.

The Project
TRS has deployed FireEYE scanners that were complemented with the Image capturing software, OMR and ICR solutions. On an average around 10 FireEYE scanners were used per university with the volume of answer booklets of 1 to 1.5 million.

The process involved allocating an alternate number to the subject exam answer booklets and removing the identity of a student before sending the paper for valuation. After the valuation the marks were written on the first page of the answer booklet and also transcribed on OMR marks tabulation sheet.

The booklets were scanned using special automatic dummy number scanners, designed and developed mainly for Subjective exams, and image of the first page was captured. This equipment helped to avoid manual numbering and speeded up the process along with increasing the level of confidentiality.

The OMR data from the marks tabulation sheet were captured. The marks written on the answer booklet were captured using ICR. Both data were compared and the discrepancies were corrected immediately viewing the image.

The Result
The team of certified engineers of TRS successfully coordinated the whole project. Total data process timeframe decreased up to 9 times in some cases.

With the introduction of automatic dummy numbering, there are no more sleepless nights spent on monotonous, mechanical, error-prone manual coding and decoding of booklets by University staff. Students and their parents are also free from a terrible half a year of suspense waiting for the results of exams.

The solution was applied for processing exam results in well-known educational institutions across India.

We appreciate the service level that we've experienced from TRS Forms & Services Pvt. Ltd. Implementing revolutionary process of Automatic Dummy Numbering ...
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Vice Chancellor of a large University based in South India